Ruffstuff Aluminum Tie Rod and Drag Link Set JEEP JK WRANGLER 07-18 4-DOOR

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Jeep Wrangler JK, Solid 7075 Aluminum Tie Rod and Drag Link
Jeep JK Specific Off Set Tie Rod and Drag Link. Fits 2007-2017 Jeep JK Dana 30 and Rubicon Dana 44. Heavy Duty and a great addition for your vehicle. This kit Includes a Aluminum Tie rod and Drag Link with machined wrench flats.

The Tie Rod and Drag Link are made of solid 1.5" OD 7075 Aluminum Bar, pre fit and threaded for the JK Axles and our 1 ton tie rod ends. One benefit of 7075 Aluminum is the spring-back. Spring back occurs when a metal is bent and then tries to return to its original shape. With the Tie Rod on the Jeep JK so low, it's an easy target and often a challenge to avoid smashing it into rocks. Usually the outcome is a bent tie rod if made of steel. Not to say steel isn't a good choice. It takes quite a bit of force to bend steel.

This kit will work on 17" wheels with a maximum 3.75 Backspacing. May not fit 17" factory wheels. It will NOT fit your factory steering stabilizer bracket. Optional Steering Stabilzer Mount here.

vYou may have to ream your knuckle's taper (depending on which knuckle you use) to accept the GM 1 ton TRE but the end result is more than worth the effort.

Some aftermarket and factory wheels with deep backspacing could make contact with tie rod ends. It is the owners responsibility to be aware of changes to vehicle performance and handling characteristics.

Check Fitment Of Wheels-tires Prior To Installation.;

Kit Includes
2 Pre Fit and Threaded 7075 Aluminum Bars 1.5" OD
3 1 Ton Offset Tie Rods with castle nuts (2 LH and 1 RH
1 High Angle Drag Link End
1 RH - 7/8" Jam Nuts, 18TPI for Tie Rod Ends
1 LH - 7/8" Jam Nuts, 18TPI for Tie Rod Ends
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